Purple Community News

OE Daniel Carden moves into local politics

Daniel has been given the Labour nomination to become MP for Walton after several years working for Unite union...

OE's aim to play football on Mount Kilimanjaro!

Help support Old Edwardian Jonathan Fenney in his quest to raise money for the Steve Prescott Foundation...

Former staff member passes away

The College has received the sad news that former Head of Mathematics Department, Geoff Robinson passed away on 5 January 2017...

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J E Waszek, Principal 1992 - 2016

The College prides itself on being a unique and supportive Community of pupils, staff, governors, parents, Old Edwardian and friends of the College. We are all one Purple Community!

Of course, we particularly cherish our Old Edwardians. If you are an Old Boy or Old Girl, please sign up to our new 'Purple' online alumni section. It is completely free of charge and it is a great way of keeping in touch with the College (and former teachers), rekindling old friendships, taking a trip down memory lane with all the online galleries of photos and archives, and even advertising your professional services to your fellow alumni. 

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In this section, you will also find information on 'Purple' events at the College, updates about fellow alumni in our fantastic news section, along with development news about the College. 

Tickets are now available for this year's annual  Old Edwardians' Dinner on Saturday 8 July 2017.  Please join us earlier that day for Purple Day - a chance to take a trip down memory lane with tours of the College, alumni sports matches and afternoon tea-style refreshments. 

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