CAFOD training for students

Report by David H, Lead International Prefect 

Seven Sixth Formers adventured to Manchester to St Mary’s on Wednesday 31 January to take part in the CAFOD Leadership Programme. This programme enables young adults to be representatives of CAFOD in schools to deliver information on the organisation and raise awareness to issues that CAFOD promote. 

The day started with ice breakers which allowed us to mingle and bond with other schools through debating issues and freeze frames. The discussions were centred around CAFOD’s key missions including the importance of hope and dignity when addressing humanitarian issues.

From there, St Edward’s joined with St Peter and Paul’s and we were able to share our successful fundraising events including ‘St Edward's Has Talent’ and also to raise awareness to the topic “Power to Be” which allows young people to find the power and motivation to be who they want to be - something which the success of “St Edward’s Has Talent” last term promoted, allowing pupils and students to have the power to be a star and show us their talent! 

This term, CAFOD have decided to raise awareness to “Give it Up!” The theme will run through this Lent term in which CAFOD will hold a bake sale (Thursday 8 February) to raise money for the “Give it Up” Campaign and members of CAFOD will be coming into House Forms promoting and raising awareness of  CAFOD’s success stories and future missions.

Overall, the trip was a huge success where ideas where discussed and taken into account on what we at St Edward’s can do for further events and how we can promote CAFOD within school. 


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