Catholic Community

St Edward's College has a long and proud history as one of England’s foremost Catholic schools. Founded as the Catholic Institute in Hope Street (near the modern Cathedral) by Fr James Nugent, a Liverpool priest of the Victorian era with a deep concern to extend educational opportunities, it is dedicated to England’s only canonised monarch, St Edward the Confessor (King of England, 1042-1066). We cherish a deep sense of Catholic community, strong common moral values and faith outlook. Supported by our trustees the Christian Brothers (a Catholic religious order), we look to their founder, Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice, and his example of deep spirituality and concern for the marginalised.

The only Roman Catholic secondary Cathedral School in England, St Edward's College is the choir school to the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King in Liverpool. Our choristers lead the choral services in the Cathedral day by day; the College itself has a very close relationship with the Cathedral, sustaining and being sustained by this rich and unique partnership.

Strong community life through the House system, in which everyone has a special role to play and a place of honour, we learn to work together, developing key life-skills which will help in the adult world. Student leadership is promoted through making good things happen at a House level.

We treasure the Catholic faith. Worship and embracing the call to personal discipleship take pride of place, complimented by the study of theology, involvement in a wide range of charitable and advocacy projects to develop a moral and social conscience, a challenge to share, discuss and engage in respectful dialogue with others, and discovering one’s own direction (vocation) for the present and the future. A beautiful Chapel lies at the heart of the College, offering plenty of opportunities to encounter God in Word and Sacrament, in fellowship and in helping others.


“A good school provides a rounded education for the whole person. And a good Catholic school, over and above this, should help all its students to become saints”
Pope Benedict XVI to Catholic school children, London 2010


Looking to grow in faith?

Looking to be inspired by the Catholic tradition?

Looking to explore life’s biggest questions seriously?

That’s what St Edward’s provides.