College Fund

To enable us to maintain the current standard that parents and children have come to expect, we need a reliable voluntary contribution from the families of our pupils.

Since St Edward’s became an Academy in 2011, we have received over three quarters of a million pounds over the last five years from parents who donate voluntarily on a monthly basis to the College Fund. This fantastic amount of money has been put to good use in various areas of the College and has helped towards the cost of the following projects and improvements:

  • Renovating the Astro Turf pitch
  • Sports Hall refurbishment including new bleacher seating, flooring, AV system, basketball nets and climbing wall
  • Extension to the LRC, including the installation of 30 new computers
  • Laser cutter in the Design Centre
  • New projectors throughout the school
  • Installation of CCTV and improved campus security
  • Creation of new Art studio for Sixth Form students
  • New computers and laptops for pupil use
  • Resurfacing of the netball courts
  • Furnishing new English classroom
  • Upgrading the school Wi-Fi system

These are just a snippet of the many projects undertaken over the last five years and we are very grateful to all parents for their financial support. Moving forward we are looking to use money from the College Fund to renovate the Quad area and re-establish a Sixth Form common room before the end of this academic year.

To further the standards of facilities for our children, we invite all parents to make a contribution to the College Fund. Some parents have requested guidance about the appropriate amount for each child. In broad terms, parents with a family income of over £30,000 a year are asked to donate £30 per month per child. Many parents with an income of over £15,000 are currently contributing £15 per month or whatever they are able to afford. We do appreciate that, for a number of families, even a small donation is difficult, but some form of support to the College Fund is very much appreciated.

Obviously, if we are not able to meet our financial shortfall, cutbacks will have to be made. This would be very disappointing, but from the great support and interest shown by parents, we do not believe reductions in what we offer will be necessary.

Please download and complete the Gift Aid form and return to the College. This will enable us to maximise your donation by claiming 25p from the Government for every £1.00 donated. The nature of your contribution will be strictly confidential (between donor and Bursar only - no other members of staff including the Principal are privy to these details) and we will acknowledge receipt and details of your financial commitment.

We are sure that you will want us to keep you informed about the progress of the College Fund and during the course of the year we shall be advising you of the extent to which pledges are enabling the College to maintain the current high standards.

We look forward to continuing as a strong partnership of parents, teaching and support staff and Governors for the benefit of the pupils and the community of St Edward’s.