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8 Sefton get published!

The class contributed their responses to an historian's question posed in History Revealed magazine as a reading challenge on World Book Day...

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8 Sefton get published!

Report by Miss Purcell

For World Book Day, 8 Sefton History class opted for the DEAR Challenge (Drop Everything And Read). We decided to answer the call from Historian Tracy Borman asking what we thought to the question "Is it unfair that Henry VIII’s eldest daughter is remembered as ‘Bloody Mary’?" and sent our thoughts to the editor of history magazine History Revealed. Whilst we hoped for a response, you can imagine the excitement when the editor, Paul Guinness replied saying:

Well, what can I say? We’re all absolutely thrilled to read your responses to our feature about Mary I! Thank you so much for letting us read them. We’ve all been reading your comments out loud to each other and your thoughts have stirred a great debate here at the History Revealed offices. You’ve obviously given this subject some serious thought!
It’s wonderful to hear all your comments about Mary, and how her reputation may not tell the full story of this controversial queen. It’s clear from your replies that history is very rarely as black and white as it may at first appear, and one person’s hero can be another’s villain. Until you know the full story, it’s impossible to make any kind of judgement on any character or event from the past, and that’s one of the reasons why studying history is so important. History gives us context for the present, after all. If we don’t understand what we’ve done in the past then how can we hope to learn from our mistakes?

Thanks again for your hard work, and for sharing it with us – you’ve really made our day! Who knows, we may even include some of your thoughts in our next issue!

Keep up the good work, and I with you all the very best for the future!

Waiting for the May edition to hit the news-stands was like waiting for a very important birthday to arrive. On 30 March, 8 Sefton found out that they had actually won the letter of the month and a whole page was dedicated to us with a message from Historian Tracy Borman saying:

‘It is wonderful to see such an enthusiastic response to my article. There are definitely some budding historians here.’

Special praise goes to Kate, Nathan, Sophie, Sam, Declan and Jan who are representing the form on the letters page.

In addition, the class have won a whole year’s subscription to History Revealed. Rest assured we shall be putting this to good use and continuing to answer History’s conundrums.

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