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Top marks in national Maths competition

Year 10 pupil Brian has achieved yet another outstanding result at the Intermediate Maths Olympiad....

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Pupil excels in national Maths Competition

Year 9 pupil Brian has distinguished himself with a simply incredible performance in the UKMT Intermediate Olympiad...

Top marks in national Maths competition

Report by Mr Murphy

Year 10 pupil Brian D has achieved another outstanding result in the recent Intermediate Maths Olympiad.

Having qualified for the Olympiad by virtue of a terrific performance in the Intermediate Maths Challenge, Brian was faced with a competition to which only the very best young mathematicians in the country are invited.

The Hamilton Olympiad (named after the Irish algebraist William Rowan Hamilton) is a three-hour examination that comprises six fiendishly formidable questions.

Brian scored a simply incredible 60 out of 60 – a performance which places him among the very highest echelons of Year 10 pupils nationwide. His achievement earned him a written note of congratulation from the Chief Marker, who said, “Outstanding. Well done.” In last year's Intermediate Olympiad, Brian achieved 55 out of 60 which put him in the top 50 across the country.

Needless to say, Brian is already looking forward to next year with his intention to mount a triple assault on the Maclaurin Olympiad, Senior Olympiad and Senior Team Maths Challenge.