Religious Studies News

Edmund Rice Week 2017

Staff and pupils have marked the College's annual Edmund Rice Week by focusing on the theme ‘I am your neighbour’...

Pupils design Community T-Shirts

Pupils in Year 7 are considering the theme of Belonging and Community in their RE lessons this half term....

Spirited Arts competition

Lower School pupils have ended the academic year on a high in RE, with the submission of their impressive entries for the national Spirited Arts competition...

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Religious Studies Faculty

Religious Education is a central aspect within the College as well as within the curriculum, with all pupils studying it at GCSE level. The subject remains a popular choice for Upper School pupils to continue expanding their knowledge.

A vital characteristic within St Edward's College is the importance placed on its values of sharing the love of God, justice, concern for the poor and disadvantaged and empowerment through education.  The Faculty coordinates much of the College's charitable activities such as CAFOD, SVP and the much-loved (but not so much in rainy weather!) Edmund Rice Run which has raised many tens of thousands of pounds over the years to help our sister school Kanvilli RC High School in Ghana. 

Pupils have many opportunities to enhance their knowledge, both spiritually and academically with links to other subjects such as the annual Spirited Art competition, with the many varied religious visitors to the College, and by participating in retreats and workshops away from the College.

Morning Prayer is open for all to attend at the start of each day in the peaceful setting of the Chapel in St Clare, enabling those who wish to take some quiet time to reflect away from the hustle and bustle of school life.

Year 10 pupils click to access Mark's Gospel Weekly reading list


Curriculum Overview

Year 7

Advent Term: What is Religious Education / Stories as sources of meaning / Genesis creation account / Science and Genesis / Abraham / Communities / Christmas

Lent Term: Parish community / Conflict in communities / Adam and Eve/Sin / Easter

Trinity Term: Who am I? / Baptism / Pentecost/ Ascension/ Hinduism

Year 8

Advent Term: The importance of culture, society and religion to identity / Jesus / Moses / Jewish Passover celebrations / The Covenant

Lent Term: Commemoration and celebration / Eucharist / Reconciliation / Todays people of God

Trinity Term: Confirmation / Catholic Church teaching and justice / Justice in the contemporary world / Islam

Year 9

Advent Term: Christian values / Global issues / Justice/ Poverty and fairtrade/ Reconciliation/ Crime and punishment

Lent Term: Vocation/ Religious orders/ Prejudice and discrimination/ War and peace / Sanctity of life.

Trinity Term: Sanctity of life issues / Relationships/ Judaism

Year 10

Advent Term: Mark’s Gospel: Background/ Ministry / Suffering Death and Resurrection/ The person of Jesus / Jesus’ Relationship with others

Lent Term: Discipleship / Christian values / Christian marriage /Christian vocation / Christian reconciliation / Christian healing / Christian responses to global issues

Trinity Term: Post GCSE work: applying for jobs/ work experience / what are A levels like

Year 11

Pupil have 1 lesson per week which operates on a carousel basis. Topics being covered over the year are:
Sport and religion / Catholic Church teaching and how it relates to the world we live in / Refugees- How should we respond.

Year 12 Core RE

Advent Term: What is religion and is it still relevant? / What is the meaning of life? / What is Evil?

Lent Term: Where does evil come from? / Ethics and the media? / Religion and freedom / freewill and determinism.

Trinity Term: Islam / Who is God?

Year 13 Core RE

Advent Term: What is the Good life? /What is faith? / Who do we make sense of evil?

Lent Term: Faith in a secular society / Life after death

Trinity Term: RE in schools- what should it be about?

Year 12 AS RE

Advent term: Foundations of philosophical thought / Cosmological argument / Foundations of ethics / Natural law/ Utilitarianism.

Lent term: Teleological argument/ The problem of evil/ Mystical experience/ Situation ethics / Sexual ethics / Revision.

Trinity term: Revision, Introduction to A2 skills / What is truth / Exploring key religious beliefs/ Meta – ethics / Medical ethics.

Year 13 A2 RE

Advent term: Medical ethics / War and peace / Nature and purpose of human life / Life after death.

Lent term: Virtue ethics / Kant / Preparation for extended writing work in the examination.

Trinity term: Revision of key material.