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Chemists put to the test

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Chemists put to the test

Report by Jessica D, Year 12 student

On Saturday 4 March, three Sixth Form Chemistry students (Luke D, Jessica D and Matthew H accompanied by Mrs Manning) were put to the test in the Merseyside RSC Young Analyst of the Year Competition, which was held at the central teaching laboratories at the University of Liverpool.

Throughout the day, we had to use an array of practical skills that we had developed through our A Level course. For example, we carried out numerous analytical techniques such as titrations and using ultra-violet spectrophotometry. These techniques are used by undergraduate students at the university; allowing us a glimpse into the life of studying Chemistry at university - what skills are needed and what equipment is used.

Whilst we carried out our investigations, Mrs Manning was able to attend a riveting lecture based upn time of flight mass spectrometry.

We thoroughly enjoyed the experience the Chemistry Department provided and were pleased to be praised for our teamwork and efficiency in organising our approach to the tasks involved. We are very grateful to Mrs Manning for providing us with this opportunity to attend such a constructive and knowledge-enhancing event.