Reading offers endless pleasure. Through books, readers can be transported to another time, another place, another planet, into numerous situations vastly different from their own. Through this experience, readers begin to get a better understanding of others, as well as of themselves. They formulate their own ideas, experience new feelings and begin to see their lives in perspective.

Judith Elkin, 'The Reader' 2003 

What are the benefits of reading?

The College encourages all pupils to develop a life-long love of reading.

A study by the Institute of Education at the University of London has found that regular access to books between the age of 10 and 16 boosts pupils’ vocabulary and spelling skills and drives up standards in mathematics.  The study shows that children who read books regularly at age 10 and more than once a week at 16 gained higher results in all three tests at the end of secondary education.

Strong reading ability will enable children to absorb and understand new information and affect their attainment in all subjects.

The following websites are useful:

  • Flamingnet Book Reviews: A book review website containing lists of both classic books, as well as new titles, that pupils may find interesting and enjoyable.
  • The Reading Zone: A book club website containing games competitions and book reviews to aid pupils in finding the best children’s books available.
  • Teen Reads: Provides information for teenagers about their favourite authors, books, series and characters. It contains thoughtful book reviews, compelling features, in-depth author profiles and interviews, excerpts of the hottest new releases, literary games and contests.
  • Reading Planet: by Reading is Fundamental: the nation's oldest and largest non-profit children's literacy organization.
  • Love Reading 4 Kids: The ultimate children's online independent bookstore. For children who want to read great books.
  • Everyone's Reading: Recommended reading for 11-18 year olds from the School Library Association. (pdf)
  • Carnegie Shadowing Site: The UK’s most prestigious book award for outstanding writing. The shadowing scheme invites children and young people to read the shortlisted books, assess them by the same criteria used by the judges, and share their views with other reading groups.
  • Book Trust: Inspiring a love of books for teenagers.
  • The Reader: The Reader based in Calderstones Park is pioneering the movement of Shared Reading - helping people to connect with a better understanding of themselves and others.