Dickensian Dramatics

Report by Miss Parr

Once again, pupils performed with panache as part of the Dickensian Concert held at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King on Saturday 16 December, adopting the iconic roles from ‘A Christmas Carol'. 

William M first did an excellent dramatic turn as Marley, followed by Lydia H’s ethereal Ghost of Christmas Past guiding Scrooge through his memories and urging him to repent with real sincerity. Resplendent in green, Aaliyah B made a dynamic Ghost of Christmas Present. Ryan C both narrated and showed his paternal side as Bob Cratchit and Francis J played Tiny Tim, gaining a warm reception from the audience for his final speech.

Last but not least, Edward C bravely assumed the star role of Scrooge, showing a strong emotional core to the seemingly callous old miser. Alongside stunning music from the College choristers once again, Christmas cheer reigned on a cold winter night.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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