Charity/Community News

Pupils raise money for Lourdes pilgrimage

Cute, little hand-made Easter chicks filled with a chocolate egg on sale proved very popular with staff and pupils alike...

Charity trip for students

Two Year 13 students have been given the opportunity to volunteer with the Christian Brothers at both our sister school Kanvilli RC School in Ghana and in Lima...

CAFOD Club present cheque

A cheque was presented to CAFOD representatives for over £2,900 as a result of the hard work and fundraising by the SEC CAFOD Club...

Sunday Club

Report by Kate Brown, Sunday Club President

Sunday Club is the College’s longest running club. Every Sunday afternoon in term time, Year 12 and 13 pupils offer a range of activities for adults with special needs from the local community.

The club gives parents and carers a well earned afternoon off, especially as the College organises transportation. It is an opportunity for the members to meet with friends and have lots of fun!

In Sunday Club we have a range of activities on the go each week, from cake decorating to quizzes our members are always occupied with lots of fun and laughter throughout. The highlight of the year has to be our Christmas party and trip to the pantomime with the members. The most fulfilling part of the club has to be watching the members enjoying themselves on the karaoke each week, with songs by Robbie Williams and Michael Jackson being the favourites.

Sunday Club takes place every Sunday during term time from 14.45 – 16.30 in the Dining Hall. A teacher is on hand each week from this time also in case of any problems.

Whilst it is a big commitment for pupils, taking up their Sunday afternoons and having to organise activities each week, the huge satisfaction of seeing the members enjoying themselves and the hugely positive feedback from their carers makes it all worthwhile. It is a chance to do something different and escape from the constant demands of term time for a few hours each week. Sunday Club is a very rewarding experience, creating bonds with members with special needs and creating lifelong friendships with other volunteers from Sixth Form.

The wide range of skills that volunteering develops will help pupils when applying for university and jobs and many former volunteers continue to do similar work after they have left school.

Information for Parents

Sunday Club will take place on Sunday afternoons during term time in the College Dining Hall. Pupils from Years 12 and 13 offer a range of activities for adults with special needs from the local community.

Pupils volunteering for Sunday Club will be expected to arrive at College for 14.30. Sunday Club runs from 14.45 until 16.30 in the Dining Hall and is run by the President Kate Brown. The Sports Centre Duty Officer collects members in the College mini-bus and drops them off home again at 16.30.  

A member of College staff will be present from 14.30 to 16.30 to supervise and to ensure that all pupils depart safely. Should you need to contact the College during the hours of Sunday Club, please call the Sports Centre Duty Officer on (0151) 254 7400.