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Wonderful Wuthering Heights

Review by Ciara F, Year 9

The Emily Bronte classic 'Wuthering Heights', written in 1847, was her masterpiece; this year’s Upper School Production (and the director Miss Parr’s favourite book). This year, pupils from Years 11,12 and 13 were involved and the variation in ages did not vary the talent; every pupil gave a rousing performance.

Wuthering Heights is a play driven by a destructive and very passionate love that is between the two main characters Catherine Earnshaw (Emily D) and Heathcliff (Aedan J).

The play is set on the Yorkshire moors, beginning where Mr Lockwood (Jack McN) is forced to stay at Wuthering Heights after being unable to return to Thrushcross Grange. That night he is visited by a ghost of the former Catherine Earnshaw, which caught the audience off guard and sucked them into this gripping play. After that horrific night, Mr Lockwood returns to Thrushcross Grange with questions to which Ellen Dean, better known as Nelly (Molly D), has all the answers.

The story really begins years before the visit of Mr Lockwood. During a visit to Liverpool, Mr Earnshaw (Guy S) meets Heathcliff and after taking pity on the young homeless boy, returns with him and takes him in as his own. The new addition to the family creates two relationships. The first relationship is one with the youngest member, Catherine, and within time they become inseparable. However, the other is with the eldest brother, Hindley (Anthony S), who doesn’t take a shining to Heathcliff and is jealous of all the attention his new ‘brother’ gains from his father.

The Linton family are introduced and the plot develops. Catherine kindles a friendship with Edgar (Matthew H) who she later marries. Heathcliff, in revenge, marries the vulnerable and love-struck Isabella Linton (Bridget B). We also meet the equally feisty younger Catherine (Iris Y), Linton (David H) and Hindley's neglected son, Hareton (Aaron C), among many others.

The compelling relationship conveyed by Emily D and Aedan J really captivated the audience and perfectly demonstrated the truly distorted but infatuated relationship the characters Heathcliff and Catherine had. In the telling of the story, Nelly and the two Emily Bronte’s (Taylor C and Isabel P) brought the tale to life, interacting with the characters and the audience. The developing relationship between Linton and the younger Catherine gave this dark play a slightly lighter tone, nonetheless some scenes included some violent moments, giving this young character some maturity and adding to this masterpiece.

The play was executed perfectly and did this famous book and author justice, which is very hard to do. Every year the plays are amazing and this year surpassed all expectations and kept the audience enthralled and mesmerized by their amazing depiction of the play. Nevertheless, a play is about everyone involved, including those who constructed the wonderful set pieces and the technical team. Thanks to everyone who was involved in the making of this year’s production and of course Miss Parr directing this superb and magnificent play!

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