Shotokan Karate

St Edward’s Shotokan Karate club offers a weekly training session in the Martial Art. It is open to pupils of all ages and abilities and promotes self discipline, self awareness and self respect.

Pupils who have no prior experience in self defence are introduced to the first principles and guided through a structured programme until they are able to execute a more demanding syllabus. The club is relatively new and, as such, has few members; enabling all pupils to benefit from individual tuition.

Pupils are encouraged to take formal grading examinations and we are affiliated to Kazokukai Organisation. For those who are more ambitious there are opportunities to enter local and regional competitions in Kata and Kumite and participate in demonstrations. After a set period of attendance, pupils will be required to purchase a grading licence and formal uniform (Gi) if they wish to participate in gradings and competitions. Some of these costs are subsidised.

The assets of practising Shotokan Karate are numerous. Practitioners are able to develop their hand-eye co-ordination and balance, hone and sharpen their reflexes, gain greater self-confidence and self-discipline as well as foster an attitude of mutual-respect. These are to name but a few.