Faith in Action group receive awards

Report by Miss Fitzgerald

Well done to all 19 pupils and students who achieved their Faith In Action Bronze award on 13 September at a ceremony held at Cardinal Heenan High School.

This nationally recognised award scheme run by the Archdiocese of Liverpool and rewards service in faith and helps participants understand how faith binds people together so that they all belong to the community we call the Church. More than seeking, participants engaged at bronze level will begin to see that their faith and action not only makes them belong to/in the community but makes them responsible in some small way for the well-being of all others who belong, too. This leads them into greater awareness of their own faith and the faith of others. It will lead them to ask deeper questions of themselves and others. They respond to the ‘call of faith’ by using their on-going service and project work to both complete the award and learn to support and be supported by the communities to which they belong. As participants complete the Bronze level award the school and parish communities, their neighbourhood and even the society to which they belong should be shaped for good by their efforts. Belonging to the community means being active in it.

Pupils from all three Key stages were rewarded for their commitment, energy and enthusiasm in assisting at College and parish liturgical services and Masses and raising funds for charity.

The group meets on Thursday after school in the chaplaincy common room next to the chapel of St Clare and all are welcome.

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