Internet Safety

We live in a digital age where technology is playing an ever increasing part in our lives; it is changing the way that we do things both inside and outside of the College and although we recognise the benefits of technology we must also be aware of the potential risks and ensure that all staff, pupils and parents/carers associated with the College are able to use technology in a safe and responsible manner.

Some of the potential dangers of using technology may include:

  • Access to illegal, harmful or inappropriate images or other content
  • Unauthorised access to/loss of/sharing of personal information
  • The risk of being subject to grooming by those with whom they make contact on the internet
  • The sharing/distribution of personal images without an individual’s consent or knowledge
  • Inappropriate communication/contact with others, including strangers
  • Cyber-bullying 
  • Access to unsuitable video/internet games
  • An inability to evaluate the quality, accuracy and relevance of information on the internet
  • Plagiarism and copyright infringement
  • Illegal downloading of music or video files
  • The potential for excessive use which may impact on the social and emotional development and learning of the young person.

Many of these risks reflect situations in the offline world but it is important that as a College we have a planned and coordinated approach to ensuring that all those who use College technology do so in a safe and responsible way. As with all risks, it is impossible to eliminate them completely but with a planned and coordinated approach they can be significantly reduced and users can be taught to manage them effectively.

Please click to read the College's Internet Safety Policy

Parents and pupils can get advice and support regarding internet safety on the following sites:

Think you know 


UK - Safer Internet Centre

Better Internet for Kids

Net Aware


Information about how to stay safe on social media sites: