Intellectual Formation

St Edward's College has long prided itself upon having a culture of ambition and aspiration. We want to inspire and support young people to become the very best they can, to think big and aim high. We look for a strong commitment to hard work from our pupils, so that they approach each day well prepared, ready to learn and engage.

Pupils are set ambitious targets from the very beginning of the Senior School, and there is regular feedback to pupils and parents on the progress they make. Challenge for the strong and support for the weak characterise our teaching programme, along with an honest recognition that sometimes every pupil finds the going hard and needs encouragement to become even more determined and resilient.

Through the various subjects taught in school, St Edward’s young people encounter some of the greatest ideas, insights and truths which have been proposed or perceived by the world’s greatest thinkers. Encountering ‘the greats’ of our culture, in the Arts, Humanities, Sciences, in Language and Literature, we help pupils to know, to understand, to apply, to evaluate and to synthesise.

We place considerable emphasis upon building the basic skills of literacy and numeracy, encouraging pupils to become articulate, quizzical, evaluative learners; independent, creative and able to see the bigger picture and make connections between different modes of learning.

This is a competitive era, and our young people in the end are up against others not only from this country but they are competing with bright and driven youngsters from all over the world. Solid foundations in terms of work ethic, thinking skills, inquisitiveness, critical enquiry and self-discipline, help place St Edward’s pupils in the best position to succeed and realise their fullest potential.

Examination results are impressive at St Edward’s, in both raw terms and value-added (the amount of progress made by each pupil). But the ultimate aim of our intellectual formation is far wider than examination grades; it is the enquiring and discerning mind, on a continual quest to understand reality more deeply.


Looking to work hard?

Looking to be challenged?

Looking to find things difficult and demanding?

That’s what St Edward's provides.