Mission Statement

'We seek to trust in God and be of good courage'

As a Christian community, St Edward's College aims to:

  • promote an atmosphere in which all members of the community feel comfortable, are free to develop their own interests and can appreciate the values of kindness, honesty and service to others
  • affirm, nurture and seek to develop the faith and spiritual growth of its members and to encourage individuals to participate in the life of the Church
  • provide a broad and challenging education and a stimulating environment in which individuals are encouraged to fulfil their own potential, value the talents of others and live life to the full
  • assist individuals to recognise how Catholic faith and teaching can be applied to their lives, thereby helping them to recognise the dignity and uniqueness of each person
  • promote an active partnership between school and home
  • seek to be a vital and integral part of the local and wider communities

Adopted June 2011 and amended January 2017