Musical Excellence

Young people making music together is a wonderfully enriching thing to experience. The standard of music excels at St Edward's; the daily disciplines of practice, along with a demanding and ambitious programme of concerts and services, ensures that musical pupils aim high but are carried along by the skill and aspiration of their tutors and mentors. Put simply, musicians at St Edward's know what excellent sounds like, and they set out to achieve it day by day.

The choristers are the jewel in the crown of musical endeavour. Cathedral choristers have a packed rehearsal schedule, often amounting to 15-20 hours each week, and they lead the choral services in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King every day, including Sundays and Holy Days. They help ensure that the Cathedral’s liturgical life is beautified by choral music drawn from a wide range of sources including Gregorian chant, the English choral tradition and European Catholic music. They regularly feature in broadcasts on Radio or TV, and there are regular choir tours. Former choristers continue their commitment to Cathedral music in the Youth Choir once they move on from the front row.

A busy programme of peripatetic and whole class music teaching is underway constantly at St Edward’s; we encourage all pupils to learn an instrument and engage in music making. A regular programme of concerts, drawing upon a wide range of genres and styles, punctuates the school year and offers pupils the chance to take to some great stages to perform and share their talent. Singing or playing an instrument requires discipline, but helps promote pupils’ sense of wellbeing, ability to manage their time, and promotes academic progress.

St Edward’s is proud to be part of the exclusive Choir Schools Association, a network of 40+ schools, mainly in the UK but with some members overseas, each of which exists to serve the musical life of a Cathedral, Abbey or Collegiate Chapel (


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