Old Edwardians

Welcome to the section of the website dedicated to our cherished Old Boys and Girls. Over the coming months this area of the website will expand to include an opportunity to join our updated interactive database where you can register your details, view old photos from the archives and catch up with old friends; and details of how to help support the College in many different ways whether it be financial or through offering your services with careers talks to our current pupils and students.

Old Edwardians are always welcome back to visit the College. Our Communications Manager, Emma Quayle (OE 1991-98) is always happy to help to arrange tours of the school, to access our archives and to help organise reunions at our annual Old Edwardians' Dinner.  

It helps us if we can plan for your visit in advance.  Please email or call 0151 281 1999 if you would like to arrange a visit to the school. Tours of the campus are always offered on the day of the OE Dinner if you are planning on joining us at this event.

We very much look forward to welcoming you back to St Edward's!