Pride & Endeavour

An adventurous spirit marks young people out from the crowd in today’s competitive world, and is in any case a key to unlock a lifetime’s enjoyment of things beyond work. At St Edward’s there are a very wide array of sports and extra-curricular activities which we strongly encourage students to enjoy after school and during their Enrichment afternoon.

The College competes strongly in sports competitions, ensuring students have the chance to represent their school in demanding situations, to play hard and develop the resilience and team spirit which lead to enjoyment and success. Our sports facilities (swimming pool, dance studio, astroturf, rugby fields) provide good training opportunities and the coaching staff dedicate extensive time and effort to nurturing young talent.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award thrives at St Edward’s; we are one of the largest centres in the North West, and the programme is run by our own dedicated staff. Students’ life experience is enhanced by participating in the Award with determination and commitment.

Similarly, the Arts, Public Speaking and Debating offer students the chance to take to the lectern or the stage and present themselves, their ideas and aspirations, with confidence and poise.

Social and charitable projects also thrive, with students passionately advocating moral conscience causes and wanting to make change happen for the good in a needy world.

Pride in representing themselves, their Houses, the College as a whole, are marks of students of St Edward’s. The ambition to push boundaries and accomplish worthwhile challenges is very bound up with the aspiration St Edward’s has to nurture the Catholic leaders of tomorrow.


Looking to belong, to be part of a team and extend yourself?

Wanting to feel pride over the interests you follow?

Ready to invest time and energy in a wide range of activities?

That’s what St Edward’s provides.