Robots and 3D Printing Experience for Pupils

Report by Mrs Angwin

A group of 15 Year 9 pupils spent an enjoyable STEM taster day at the University of Liverpool, visiting the impressive and well-resourced Central Laboratories. 

They started the day in a Chemistry lab, investigating perception of colour by analysing the colours of skittles sweets: identifying and matching their spectroscopy with different food colours.

A quick change of lab to Bionic Engineering meant the pupils were now working as Surgeons, fabricating hip replacements from their own hemisphere volume calculations, using Polymorph and a 3D printer. 

Final practical session of the day was programming Lego robots. In addition to the practical aspects of programming the robots to move in a straight line, move a fixed distance, move for a set time, to turn and to race, pupils also considered the social aspect of developing robots. In the future when some skills jobs will be completed by computers and robots what skills should they be developing themselves?

The day concluded with a really useful talk on careers advice. Thanksto the University of Liverpool for a very productive and enjoyable day.

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