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Head Boy & Head Girl Welcome

L-R: Emmanuel W, Grace S, Sneha J, Poppie A, Patrick B, Ziko R and Mark G.


My name is Patrick, and I am so incredibly happy to be Head Boy at St Edward’s. I’ve been at the school for nearly six years now and have loved every minute of mytime here. I’m currently studying A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Geography and am interested in perusing a career in climate/environmental science after university. Outside of school, I am a keen guitarist and bass player. I love to perform in various venues with my band, as well as regular gigs with my brother and Dad. I also have a huge passion for photography and filmmaking. Finally, despite not being the sportiest person ever, I love to cycle too!  

As head boy, I hope to strengthen the relationship between Sixth Form and the rest of the school, whilst also being someone that younger members of St Edward’s feel comfortable talking to and sharing concerns with. I have such an amazing team of people around me and can’t wait to get to work with all of them, helping to make a positive difference to both the school and the people around us. If you ever need any help or advice, please don’t hesitate to come and find me!

Chatty, friendly and passionate. Hi, I’m Poppie and they are probably the first words you will use to describe me when you meet me (I hope). I am incredibly grateful to be appointed the position of Head Girl and I am so excited to see what the prefect team and myself can do together to enhance our already amazing school. I am currently studying Maths, Biology and Chemistry at A-level with the end goal of being a dentist. I love the Sciences, Fashion and Sports. Since Year 7 I have thrown myself into extracurricular activities. I am a proud member of the Netball and Hockey teams alongside also taking part in clubs like STEM, Reading, Faith in Action etc.

St Edwards has a way of forming an environment in which it feels safe to express your interests and explore passions but also cultivates them to allow you as a student to flourish. The school has been a major stepping stone in helping me develop into the person I am today and I would like to shine my character onto the younger students, encouraging them to ignore their fears, be proud and follow their goals in life. Making my own impression into Edwardian history and giving back to the school all that they have given to me.

Hi, my name is Sneha, and I am delighted to be the Deputy Head Girl of the 2024-25 academic year! Currently, I am studying French, English Literature, and History at A-level. I plan to bring about the change and progress you all wish for the college, and will take on board all pupil and student queries to represent the school community to the best of my abilities. Some aspects of the school I've organised and led include being Captain of the Debate Society, fundraising for the Israel-Palestinian Humanitarian Aid, and currently working on reviving the School Production. So please feel free to speak to me at any time regarding any matter, as no request is too small!
Beyond Sixth Form, I plan to pursue Law at university, hoping to specialise in International or Corporate Law. I hope I can be an approachable, relatable, and reliable Senior Prefect for the college, and make everyone's voice feel heard. 
My name is Mark and I am pleased to have been given the role of Deputy Head Boy (Sixth Form). I am currently studying: French, Spanish and History. I plan on studying Modern Languages, French & Spanish, at university. 

I joined St Edward's in 2023, and I felt so welcomed by both students and staff. I hope to continue this, through serving St Edward's as Deputy Head Boy. I can't wait to get started in this role. I hope to embrace the five keys to make a positive difference in our Edwardian community. 

My name is Grace, and I am very pleased to have been given the role of Sixth Form Deputy Head Girl! I am currently studying Politics, English Literature, Maths, and Further Maths; I’m planning on studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at university. Outside of lessons, I am a member of the Sixth Form Debating Society which has really helped develop my interests in public speaking and political philosophy. When I’m not in school, I like to read, draw, and bake.


Having come to St Edward’s in 2023 for sixth form, I have been made to feel so welcome by students and staff alike. I can’t wait to be able to make a positive difference in this school and serve as a student that St Edward’s will be proud of!

Hi, My name is Ziko, and I'm really honoured to be serving as Deputy Head Boy this year!

I've been around St Edward's since I was in Runnymede and I was actually Deputy Head there as well! I am currently studying Further Maths, Physics and Music and look to continue studying Engineering at University. I have always been heavily involved in music life at St Edward's and music is one of my biggest passions. Having been a Chorister and now a current music scholar at the cathedral, and now I am hoping to complete my diploma in piano and singing! Outside of school, I am a competitive kayaker and train at the docks in Liverpool, whilst also teaching piano and playing music in and around different places in Liverpool. As Deputy head, I hope to use the skills I have learned in these things and apply them to create a better environment for life at St Edward's, as I consider it as my second home and I feel that I am obliged to give back to the place that helped me grow the most.

Hello! My name is Emmanuel, current Head Sacristan at St Edward's. During my time in this role, I bear the responsibility to enhance the school's Catholic outreach as a fellow student to the pupils and students the of Lower school, Middle school and Sixth Form.
In my role and as an individual I am committed to abiding by serval morals that my predecessors have excelled in; acting as a positive role model, promoting the ethos of the College and leading the team of chaplaincy volunteers. This means that my role expands to inside and outside the College. In school pupils and students will see me at weekly Monday mass in the school chaplaincy and outside the College I volunteer for the Metropolitan Cathedral in numerous ways on a weekly basis. Overall, I am here in support and trust of the same ethic that Blessed Edmund Rice had that is still rooted to the foundations of our school "to educate these young people to be good Catholics and good citizens.”