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The PurplePod (Student Podcast)

Good morning, evening or afternoon, wherever you are, and welcome to the home of the PurplePod… The official podcast for St Edward’s College ran entirely by the Sixth Form Team! We upload a new episode every ‘week A’ so watch this space!  

If you have any suggestions for future episodes, feel free to get in touch via email: 

18bowers-p@st-edwards.co.uk OR 18arnold-p@st-edwards.co.uk 

Episode 4: ‘A Year in review’ with Mr. Morris

In this very special episode of the PurplePod, Poppie and Patrick talk to Mr. Morris about his eight incredibly eventful years as headmaster of St Edward’s. They heard about his triumphs and his failures during his time at school, whilst also learning a little bit more about him and any advice he would give to the school community in the coming years. Thank you, Mr. Morris!

St Edward's College · PURPLE POD: Episode 4 - ‘A Year in review’ with Mr. Morris!

Episode 3: The PurplePod Goes International!

In this week’s episode, Mark ad his guests guided us through what life is like as a linguist both in and around school, sharing some really valuable advice about where languages can take you when you study them at A-Level. Later on, we heard from Miss Bardsley, who gave us a great insight into the impact studying languages further has had both on her life and the life of those around her. ¡Espero que disfrutes este episodio!

St Edward's College · PURPLE POD: Episode 3 - The PurplePod Goes International!

Episode 2: That's Music to My Ears!

In this week’s episode, our host Ziko calls upon the help of some fellow musicians in Year 12, asking them questions about what drew them to music in the first place, some of their interests in and around the subject and why YOU should study music in St Edward’s. Later on, we heard from Mr. O’Keeffe, who shared some of his wide musical knowledge and experience with us. Whether you’re a secret ‘Swiftie’ or a Mozart Enjoyer… you’re going to love this episode!

St Edward's College · PURPLE POD: Episode 2 - That's Music to My Ears!


Episode 1: Life as a Sixth-former!

In this week’s episode, our host Patrick talks to Poppie, Ziko and Reece about what life really is like as a Sixth Former in St Edward’s, each of them imparting some wisdom for the lower years. Later in the episode, we heard from Samira, the former Head Girl, who talked to Poppie about how to be a good leader in and around school. 

St Edward's College · PURPLE POD : Episode 1