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Catholic Life in Sixth Form

Edmund Rice Advocacy

The Edmund Rice Advocacy Group is a great opportunity to meet new people, fundraise and have a greater involvement in Sixth Form life. It is a weekly enrichment session, which lasts for one hour. The ethos of the group is inspired by the work of Edmund Rice, who sought to improve the lives of the poor and fight social injustice.

The Edmund Rice Network is a global movement present in over 30 countries, consisting of brothers, organisations and over 200,000 students. All members of the network have a similar goal - to help those in need based on Christian values. This year, the group has organised many projects, including the Ten Tonne Challenge, which collected clothes and raised money for CAFOD Lebanon, while also raising awareness of local and international environmental issues.

The group has also assisted with the Year 7 retreat, helping younger students to settle in to life at St Edward’s, and works with the chaplaincy team when needed. Each year, two Year 13 Ambassadors are given the amazing opportunity to travel to Geneva to witness the United Nations in action.

Join the group for the opportunity to be part of a great network fighting social injustice!