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The Science faculty comprises Biology, Chemistry and Physics (and Psychology in Sixth Form).

Intriguing and stimulating subjects, pupils acquire knowledge that is genuinely relevant to the world in which we live. Science is taught as a core subject to every school year up to and including GCSE. Science in its individual components is available to be studied at A Level where it compliments many other subject combinations.

The three subjects are taught through a variety of methods including, practicals, discussion, experiments, field studies and lectures. Pupils benefit from and enjoy applying their knowledge in the College's many well-stocked science labs.

The Faculty encourages pupils to apply for research placements, camps and masterclasses, offering them new experiences outside of the College and further enhancing and developing their scientific knowledge.

Pupils benefit from visits to the College by expert speakers and visits to local institutions to hear lectures and take part in workshops. The College is proud of its tradition in encouraging a high number of pupils into a science-based career with a high proportion of pupils going on to study one of the sciences at university. Many former pupils go on to study and then qualify as Medics, Vets and Dentists and are invited back to the College to inspire and guide our younger Edwardians through regular Careers talks.

Biology Learning Journey

Chemistry Learning Journey

Physics Learning Journey