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Friends of St Edward's College (PTA)



The PTA group ‘Friends of St Edward’s College’ (FOSEC) was re-established in April 2017 with the appointment of a committee:

  • Chair— Liz Murphy
  • Vice Chair— Damian Meyers
  • Treasurer— Catherine Dignum
  • Secretary— Libby Cook

The Committee meets on a regular basis and all parents and carers are welcome to attend the meetings. Details of the dates of all FOSEC meetings are published on the website calendar.

To purchase tickets or view the next upcoming events please go to our events page via https://friendsofstedwardscollege.co.uk/

We are a parent-staff committee raising monies for the direct benefit of all pupils and students at St Edward's College whilst nurturing and promoting the sense of Catholic community.

FOSEC Mission Statement


If you have any questions or suggestions for the committee please contact the FOSEC e-mail address: fosecliverpool@gmail.com or Liz Murphy, Chairperson at elizebeth.murphy@sky.com