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Housed in the Foley Building, French and Spanish are taught by expert teachers with enthusiasm and passion for their languages from Year 7 to Year 13. With a wealth of modern resources and pupil access to online textbooks and bespoke resources, the department engages with the latest thinking in the teaching and learning of foreign languages. We use Knowledge Organisers in Year 7, 8 and 9 to identify core curriculum knowledge in terms of vocabulary and grammar. We also have very positive links with the Liverpool Hope University Teacher Training course.  

The College places great emphasis on modern foreign languages with all pupils studying French or Spanish at Key Stage 3 and 4 Level. We arrange study sessions to specialised GCSE revision days or in-house events which have proved to be popular and beneficial to our pupils in preparation for their French or Spanish examinations. Some of our pupils have delivered lessons at local primary schools, and we have built links with other secondary schools in the city for larger events such as 'Careers in MFL'.  

Emphasis is placed on helping pupils to become confident communicators in the target language, whilst at the same time giving them opportunities to develop their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. We see intercultural understanding as an important element of languages learning and try to give pupils a deeper appreciation of the language and cultures of countries where French and Spanish are spoken. This is done through film, history music and authentic resources.  

These MFL trips are extremely popular and educationally rewarding for everyone involved where students are able to put into practice their spoken skills and add to their cultural understanding.

French & Spanish Learning Journey