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Careers & HE

Aims and Objectives

The ultimate aim of the Careers and Higher Education Service at St Edward’s College is to make it possible for young people to engage proactively in decisions about their education pathways and their journey to a career. We hope to actively encourage and inspire our pupils to take ownership of their career plans and to consider all options, so that they are able to select the best way forward for their interests, motivations, learning styles, abilities and aspirations.

Careers education, information, advice and guidance programmes make a major contribution in preparing young people for opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. They help young people make decisions and manage transitions as learners and workers. It is vital that all 11-19 year olds have the knowledge and skills they need to make informed choices.


• To enable pupils and students to make informed choices about their career pathways which include appropriate decisions and actions
• To provide objective and impartial advice and information
• To develop and maintain links with a range of community organisations and businesses, including our alumni, providing appropriate and relevant opportunities for pupils and students


• To source and provide up-to-date information and advice about all options and career paths available to young people
• To help pupils and students understand and develop the necessary skills ready for the work place
• To provide opportunities for pupils and students to understand their interests, abilities, aspirations and options through a variety of means, including personal discussion with the Careers and Higher Education Service or an external Careers Adviser
• To promote the Careers and Higher Education service to all pupils and students, allowing them to make an informed choice on when and how best to engage with the team

Impact of Careers Programme

The College measures and assesses the impact of the careers programme via the College Council, pupil surveys and feedback after one to one interviews.

It is our aim to ensure all students leave St Edward’s College with an awareness of what they, as individuals, have to contribute to the world of work, combined with the skills, confidence and motivation to make the most of the opportunities that lie ahead.