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Art & Design Technology

The Design Faculty comprises Art and Design, Design Technology, Food Technology and Textiles Technology.

Pupils benefit from the state-of-the-art facilities in the Design Centre enabling full participation in all aspects of design and technology. The Centre boasts a laser cutter, dedicated ICT room for Design pupils, kiln facilities for ceramics, printing press and a dedicated studio for A Level Art and Design pupils. Lower School pupils enjoy hands-on learning in the College's light and spacious Food Technology setting.

Art and Design is taught to all pupils in Years 7-9, with those who want to develop their creative and artistic abilities choosing it for GCSE and A Level. The subject strives to make cross-curricular links and embraces the importance of the creative arts in a wider context. Pupils are offered the opportunity to work with a variety of media in both two and three dimensions. Throughout their Art and Design education, pupils are encouraged to undertake independent research, develop inquisitive minds and to explore ideas without the fear of making mistakes.

Design Technology is taught to pupils in Year 7-9, then offered at GCSE with a Textiles focus. It is a subject that naturally extends pupils’ design technology capability from Key Stage 3 in a way that is challenging yet rewarding and enjoyable. Pupils will develop creativity, ingenuity, innovation, problem solving skills and independence – all transferrable talents for any area of education - and practical skills which they would not usually learn in other subjects.

Textiles Technology is taught at Key Stage 3 to all pupils and is an option at GCSE level (Design Technology- Textiles) for those who enjoy the practical and creative aspects of learning. DT - Fashion and Textiles is an A Level subject that further enhances pupils’ designing and making abilities leading to many different creative careers.

Food Technology is taught to Lower School pupils in Years 7-9 in a £350,000 state-of-the-art setting opened in 2011 by Michelin-starred Chef Martin Blunos. Pupils are taught recipes and food hygiene in the light and spacious Unit, enhancing their understanding of the nutritional values of foods along with the social, environmental and ethical factors of food technology.

Art & Design Learning Journey

Design Technology Learning Journey