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D of E Award

St Edward’s is one of the largest DofE centres in the North West, with a high number of pupils and students undertaking the Bronze and Gold award.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a voluntary, non-competitive programme of practical, cultural and adventurous activities, designed to support the personal and social development of young people. Working alongside our Operating Authority, the Liverpool Youth Service, St Edward’s offers the Bronze Award to Year 10 pupils, which can then lead to the Gold Award in Year 11, Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth.

Pupils and students undertake the Duke of Edinburgh Award for lots of different reasons. The Award itself is a highly valuable qualification, but the journey in achieving it is far more important than the goal of the certificate at the end. Participants learn to work well as part of a team, become more independent, learn new skills, contribute towards the community and most importantly, have fun along the way!

A common perception of the Award is that it is only about climbing mountains and camping but for each level of the Award pupils have to complete four different Sections: Volunteering, Expeditions, Skills and Physical Recreation.


‘All members of a community have a responsibility to each other and voluntary help is needed….’ This is the principle that The Duke of Edinburgh Award hope to emphasise when a young person completes their service section. All D of E pupils strive to be good citizens and many already volunteer their time, outside of the Award, taking part in activities such as CAFOD, SVP and Sunday Club, working in the LRC and mentoring younger pupils. Pupils who have recently completed their Bronze Award have volunteered their time outside school in various activities ranging from working in the Scouts, volunteering at the RSPCA and altar serving in their local church.

Physical Recreation

Involvement in some form of enjoyable physical exercise is thought to be essential for physical well-being. St Edward’s offers Rugby, Cricket, Swimming, Water Polo, Hockey, Netball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Cross Country, Rounders, Handball and Basketball as part of the extra-curricular programme.


The skill section is designed ‘to encourage the discovery and development of personal interests, and social and practical skills….’ There is already a wealth of talent within the College and many of the pupils participate in activities such as Drama, Learning a Musical Instrument, Knitting and Refereeing in Rugby, to name but a few. Some of the College's more adventurous pupils have started activities such as Learning to Fly, Sailing and Origami!


This is the part of the award that is taught in the College. After school on either a Wednesday or Thursday, pupils meet with staff for expedition training: learning how to be safe whilst walking in a group, use First Aid, navigate and use a map, put up tents, and prepare and cook a meal. At all levels of the Award pupils have to complete a Practice and Assessed Expedition, which will be a minimum of two days and one overnight stay. In addition to this, throughout the year pupils will be invited to take part in day walks, with a longer overnight camp in Advent Term.